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Nowadays, lots of residential and commercial property owners use concrete for their interior and exterior remodeling projects. Do you have a driveway that has cracks? Maybe your home needs a new swimming pool deck? Super Concrete Contracting LLC is the company for you. Our concrete contractor is in Garner, NC, and we provide reliable installation and repair services at affordable rates. Discover how you and your property can benefit from our work by reading this page.

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Driveway & Parking Lot Installation

Driveway & Parking Lot Installation
A new smooth and elegant concrete parking lot in front of your mall or office building will make your commercial facility look presentable. We have many years of experience and installation projects behind our back. Our concrete driveway contractor installs custom, high-quality driveway and parking lot pavements that will impress you with their quality and beauty.

Foundations & Concrete Slabs

Foundations & Concrete Slabs
Our team is often hired as a subcontractor in many construction projects. Our technicians can read blueprints and sketches and determine the most efficient working methods to install foundations and other concrete slabs. Following the industry codes and practices, we pour high-quality concrete for horizontal surfaces in many different sizes and shapes.

Concrete Demolition

Concrete Demolition
Our concrete service provider is available to demolish any concrete structure you might have on your property. Whether you want to prepare your home for addition or want to get rid of an existing slab that looks damaged, call our team. We know how to break up concrete slabs and pavements with zero or minimal disruption to adjacent houses. We will take away the junk and debris afterward.

Pool Decks

Pool Decks
Whether you have a residential or commercial swimming pool, our professional crew can also assist with installing a new, smooth pool deck. We know what the process incorporates and promise to finish the job in a timely and effective fashion. Our company is available for quality concrete work that may also involve concrete dyeing and stamping to make the surroundings look stunning.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete
Our contractor provides numerous decorative concrete options and products that can mimic the look of many other materials, such as natural stone, wood, brick, and more. We carry out such projects in a cost-effective way. We combine design flexibility and beauty with strength and durability. Concrete can be installed quickly and with many different stamps to create attractive surfaces.

In Your Favor

Whether you book our concrete demolition service or need other services from our checklist, our high-quality work will help you save a tremendous amount of time and money in the long run. When executed correctly, your driveway or parking lot project will enhance the value and curb appeal of your property. Whether poured as a pavement for vehicles or a sidewalk for pedestrian use, concrete is a safe, non-skid solution for you and your clients.

How We Work

Our professional commercial and residential concrete services come with over two decades of excellent experience and some undeniable skills. Our competent concrete workers will plan everything for you from day one. Our team will deliver the necessary tools, equipment, and materials and handle your venture with great care and attention to detail.

To book our dependable services, call Super Concrete Contracting LLC today. We operate in Garner, NC and can cater to your concrete needs. Call us now.


Just one word - fantastic! Great cooperation from start to finish. This excellent concrete contractor carried out a simple job for me, but I also intend to hire them for any further endeavors. Very competent and prompt professionals!

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